The advantages of metal playground equipment

The advantages of metal playground equipment

Within our industry, we get asked many questions regarding metal playground equipment. Some of our most frequently asked questions include:

Is it vandal resistant?

Is it suitable for a rural play area?

If your product is not painted how do you provide colour?

With these questions in mind, we want to explore the benefits of choosing metal equipment for your playground.


Metal playground equipment is very popular in both rural and urban areas.  Its modern design can be used to enhance any play area for all ages. It can give an inner-city area an edgy, contemporary look or be installed in a green space and provide contrast to the environment around it.

It is a popular misconception that metal playground equipment can be unexciting and lacklustre due to its cold exterior and appearance. Some manufacturers use paint to inject colour which may need repainting and further maintenance to keep the colour looking bright and new.

Many of our product ranges including our Little City toddler range , Big City Plus and Frontiers junior multi-play ranges are complemented by the clever use of vandal-resistant materials such as a range of colourful Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) panels to create colour with minimal maintenance required.

What type of metal Playdale use

Here at Playdale we use the very best materials to ensure all our playground equipment is strong, safe durable and will be enjoyed by children for years to come, this is why when manufacturing playground equipment we use steel and stainless steel, such as with the metal playground slide above. Stainless steel is renowned for its tough, sustainable properties, sleek design and minimal maintenance requirements, making it the perfect material to manufacture playground equipment from.

Maintenance & Durability

Due to its unique properties, stainless steel requires minimal maintenance and will still look as new as the day you bought it with no corrosion or rust.  Steel’s smooth surface means that any graffiti or vandalism can be easily removed with graffiti wipes. Because our stainless steel is not painted, there is no risk of damaging the coating, so no extra maintenance is required.

All the structural steel used on Playdale equipment is manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel (the most versatile and widely used in the world) and comes with a 25-year guarantee. Its robust nature means that it will be a lasting feature of any playground for generations. It can manage high winds, wet weather and hotter climates making it suitable most environments including coastal areas.

Metals robust nature means that it will be a lasting feature of any playground whatever the environment. When the equipment does come to the end of its life it is still a sustainable material as it can be recycled as scrap metal. Scrap metal has monetary value which can be put towards the installation of new equipment and recycling it can reduce the environmental footprint of the equipment.

Whether it be for its low maintenance design or robust nature investment in high-quality, certified, long-lasting equipment has become a must-have for all play areas.  Request a copy of our latest catalogue to find out more information about our range stainless steel and timber playground equipment.

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