The School Is Alive With The Sound Of Musical Playground Equipment

In the musical ‘The Sound Of Music’, the first three notes are, ‘doh, ray, me’, with school playground equipment they are likely to be, ‘crash, bang, wallop’. We get so used to tuned instruments played in popular music or orchestras that we forget that all music has origins in percussion instruments. Studies have shown that playing any type of music is beneficial to our mind, body and soul. Babies who attend musical workshops like Rhythm Time get a head start in speech and language development. Outdoor play offers; cognitive, emotional and physical play opportunities so musical playground equipment allows children to have a rich learning experience.

Music And Child Development

The early years is an incredibly exciting part of everyone’s lives. It is a time of exploration, information gathering and gaining life experience. The fact that this all occurs through the medium of play is even more awesome. Musical playground equipment is perfect for young children because it is robust and isn’t restricted by space or other classes. According to the Cork Butter Exchange Band, ‘Da Buttra’, children benefit from music sessions in the following ways:-

Self Confidence
Children also enjoy making music and sharing it with others in their class

Intellectual Achievement

Researchers from the University of California have said, “Music training jump starts certain inherent patterns in parts of the brain responsible for spatial-temporal reasoning.” This is because sound and vision are stimulated during music production. The ‘Brown University’ study found that 34% of preschool children who were given piano lessons for six months performed better in IQ tests. Musical playground equipment gives children the opportunity to cooperate with each other while planning their music score. Being creative is also relaxing for children making them more receptive to learning.

Making A Song And Dance

Music and dancing have played an important role in the development of civilizations, ever since humans walked the earth. Before writing and social media, the only way stories could be passed down through generations was through music and movement. Observation of isolated tribes gives us an insight into how humans used their bodies and simple percussion instruments to make music. When children express themselves musically they emulate the rawness of their ancestors. Imagine a class of five-year-olds composing music to tell the Gruffalo story and performing a dance to go with it. The children will certainly never forget the story and their audience will have enjoyed watching them too.

Musical Playground Equipment

Making your school playground come alive with the sound of music is easy with Playdale musical playground equipment. With five pieces of equipment all suitable for the perils of school life your children will have plenty to make a song and dance about. Instruments include; Drums, Xylo-Chime, Cow Bells, Washboard Chimes and Boom Tubes.

If you are interested in bringing music to your playground, contact us here to discuss our musical playground equipment.

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