Three reasons we love Environmental Play!

Develops curiosity

Taking the classroom outside and into the playground provides numerous opportunities for children to learn and develop their curiosity. At a young age, children are naturally inquisitive and love getting their hands dirty. Environmental play can provide an ideal setting for many STEM learning opportunities. Children can investigate, observe, and form hypotheses by asking “what if” and “how do” questions that feed their curiosity.

Promotes sustainably

Schools and nurseries, all have an important role to play in teaching future generations about suitability sustainability and the environment. Children who have access to outdoor environmental play and develop sustainability knowledge. They not only learn about environmental issues at a young age, but they are also more likely to become better equipped and motivated to promote positive change in the future.

Perfect for all school playgrounds

Whether your playground is in an inner city or rural environment, environmental playground equipment has a simple concept. Children learn not only important lessons about wildlife and plants, but also how to respect their surroundings. Composters, Worm Villas, Planters, and Eco Inspection Tables can all be installed into many different environments. Children can become nature detectives not only in the school playground, but also in their own gardens at home or in the local park, learning about plants and animals in a variety of environments.

View our full range of Environmental Playground equipment here, or if you need some further playground inspiration, request a copy of our ‘Playground Inspiration for Schools and Nurseries’ catalogue here.

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