How Adventure Trail Can Improve Writing Skills

Adventure trails or trim trails or  are really exciting pieces of playground equipment that provide endless hours of entertainment and fun. Children enjoy the spontaneity of jumping on and off each module and the challenge of completing the obstacle course. They encourage physical, social, emotional and imaginative development. All of these amazing skills develop while the children strengthen and exercise their bodies.

Playgrounds of any size are suitable for trim trails because they come in modular pieces. They are perfect for school playtimes because they are easy to use and have many play possibilities. Trim trails are similar to adventure trails with a greater emphasis on physical exercise and increasing fitness levels. Exercise is not only important to increase body strength it also helps to combat obesity.

Parks, schools and visitor attractions are perfect places for trim trails. The modular system gives you many choices in ways to set up your trim trail making them a versatile piece of playground equipment.

The Importance Of Improving Body Strength

Weightlifters aren’t the only people who benefit from muscle building exercises. Children need to increase their core body strength to improve; posture, balance, and handwriting. If a child’s back muscles are weak they slouch and fidget a lot making concentrating and writing very difficult. Hanging off the monkey bars also helps to improve handwriting because it strengthens the arms and wrist.

Lack of physical exercise affects spatial awareness making children clumsy and awkward on their feet. A lack of confidence in our bodies makes trying new activities difficult and makes you tire easily. Children who have weak muscles tend to lean across the table to support their tired weak bodies. Strengthening the core muscles in the body improves gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

The more exercise a child does the more they can do. A weak body makes swings, slides and seesaws difficult to use. If your child is a sloucher maybe they need to start exercising on the nearest trim trail to improve their body strength.

Story Writing

Trim trails don’t only help children to write better physically, they also help children to communicate better. Communication skills include listening, speaking and recounting information or stories. Children help each other to overcome difficult obstacles by encouraging each other to accomplish each module. They learn to listen to advice and take it in turns to use each piece of equipment.

Children are able to explain what they have been doing and describe how easy or difficult they found each activity. This develops their language skills and ability to organise paragraphs and chronological order. Imagination runs riot when children combine their story ideas with imaginative play. Trim trails suddenly become a safe passage along burning hot lava and roaring rivers. Children defeat zombies by swinging on the Monkey Bars or balancing on stepping stones (Log Walks).

Physical activity helps children to concentrate better in school because of vestibular stimulation. The vestibular is found in the inner ear and is responsible for balance and our place in the world around us. Swinging, rocking and spinning encourage vestibular stimulation. This type of activity relaxes children making learning easier.

Trim trails really do make writing and learning easier – who’d have thought it?

If you would like to find out more about trim trails please request a catalogue or arrange a free, no-obligation design & consultation appointment.

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