Using Technology to Provide Quality Playground Equipment

At Playdale we use technology to make our processes more efficient and to ensure we provide our customers with the best quality and safest playground equipment possible.

Laser Scanning

Our Area Sales Managers use laser scanning when undertaking site surveys to generate accurate and reliable measurements to aid our Playground Design Team.


CAD (computer aided design)

Our Playground Design Team use CAD to create precise and exciting playground designs allowing us to bring our customers new playground equipment proposal to life.



Simulation allows our Technical Team to create new and exciting playground equipment that will make smiles of generations. This process is broken down into the simulation of component, allowing us to calculate the strength of our materials and providing our customers with the best quality and safest playgrounds that comply with British and European safety standards.


3D Printing

3D printing allows us to assess new component design and produce high quality, uniform product components on a mass scale.


CNC Manufacturing

Our CNC machine produces identical playground equipment parts, ensuring consistent and high-quality products.


Laser Etching

Laser etching allows us to create clear, legible, and permanent engravings at high speed to be used on our playground equipment tags.


Dynamic Inventory System

We use the Dynamic Inventory System to control and check inventory, creating a seamless and speedy delivery of products to our customers and installers.


Drone Photography

The use of drone photography allows us to discover playgrounds from new perspectives safely, providing customers with high quality visuals to help bring their playground project to life.


From accreditations to awards, we are continuously improving our services and processes to ensure our equipment is strong, safe, durable and makes children smile all over the world! Why not request a copy of our latest catalogue by filling out the below form.

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