Playground Inspections & Maintenance

Your experience with Playdale does not stop with the completion of the installation.

To ensure your play area stays in first-class condition why not utilise the services of our dedicated After Sales Team and continue your Playdale experience for the life time of your play area?

An inspection of your play equipment forms a very important link between you, the users and the safety of your play area.

Although you are not breaking any laws by not undertaking inspections, if there is an accident on the site your position could be considerably weakened. The majority of playground insurance companies insist on an annual inspection being conducted by an expert.

Our in-house inspection engineers are fully accredited to the Register of Play Inspectors. As part of our Inspection Service we will schedule and carry out:

  • A thorough non-dismantling inspection to the current European safety standard BS EN1176
  • A full written report with risk assessment on any noncomplying items and a quotation as appropriate
  • All inspections include minor works carried out onsite FREE of charge, including tightening of loose bolts and fastenings, rounding off sharp or splintered edges and untangling of swing chains and seats
  • If required, we can arrange for our engineers to meet you on site during the inspection to provide hints and tips for your routine inspections

Annual Inspection – £260
Post Installation Inspection – £350


Regular checks can be carried out easily through the use of our Inspection and Maintenance Checklists. Our dedicated and qualified team are always available to ensure your equipment maintains its level of safety and performance.

“In order to reduce accidents, the owner or operator should ensure that an appropriate routine maintenance schedule is established, implemented and maintained”
BS EN 1176 part 7 clause 8.2.6

“The routine maintenance of playground equipment and surfaces should consist of preventative measures to maintain their level of safety and performance”
BS EN 1176 part 7 clause 8.2.6

Spare Parts

Obtaining spare parts for any Playdale product is easy and guaranteed. Quotations for parts can be given over the telephone or in writing and onward delivery for stock parts completed within a matter of days after the receipt of your order. Non stock items will be manufactured to order. Any part can be fitted by one of our Maintenance Engineers or supplied on a delivery only basis.

You can now purchase spare parts from our website, click here to visit

No Playdale manufactured product part, regardless of age will be made obsolete – Guaranteed!