Product Design & Safety

Experience the confidence from certified products

All Playdale manufactured Play Equipment is independently certified to the European Standard BS EN 1176

Independently Certified – Why?

  • Rigorous independent tests by the British Standards Institution or TUV provides further reassurance.
  • It gives you the confidence of knowing that a product really does meet the European Standard.
  • It demonstrates a company’s commitment to product quality and safety standards.

Playdale’s philosophy is to design outdoor children’s play equipment that is original, exciting, adventurous, challenging and fun for children of all age groups, from toddlers to teenagers.

Play equipment is designed to test the varying degrees of movement skills appropriate to the level of development of particular age groups and abilities, encouraging children to progress from basic swings and slides to more adventurous outdoor equipment such as play towers and roundabouts.

Product Design

All our play equipment products go through an intense and comprehensive development process before being released into the market.

All play equipment design issues such as play value, ergonomics’, general safety, compliance with European safety standards, appearance, strength, durability, fire resistance, vandal resistance, UV stability, colours, graphics and cost are addressed.

All detailed play equipment design work is carried out by our experience in-house designers using the latest 3D CAD software.

Full scale play equipment prototypes are manufactured in-house and then installed on our playground product test area. These full scale play equipment prototypes undergo stringent in-house tests including the use by children of suitable ages to ensure the units give the correct play value and the ergonomics work.


Following further modifications all new play equipment units are independently tested to ensure full compliance with the European Safety Standards for outdoor Playground Equipment, BS EN1176. As a result of passing these tests all units are certified. Other independent bodies such as ROSPA, NPFA, Local Authorities, or other key customers are frequently consulted during the design of our units.

Playdale are committed in ensuring that we stay at the forefront in playground equipment design whether it be through the continual improvement of existing play area products or the continuous and frequent addition of new exciting units to our timber and steel play equipment ranges.