Why Do We Love Aerial Runways So Much?

Everyone, regardless of size, enjoys the thrill of aerial runways. Many playgrounds have them as do forests and mountainsides. Children run to aerial runways and cast away their fear to enjoy the experience of flight. Adults fulfil their dreams of flying by whizzing down mountain valleys and breaking world records.

Aerial runways or zip wires enable people in remote areas to travel from one point to another providing essential transportation. They exist all over the world and have many different names but work by the same simple principle. It is not certain the point they became an exciting recreational activity but they are all the craze and have a universal popularity.

Apart from the thrills, aerial runways have great health benefits too including; stress relief, burning calories, heart health, improves eyesight and makes you feel great. Bearing these in mind there are lots of reasons to love and enjoy aerial runways.

The Benefits Of Aerial Runways

Aerial runways provide children with more than just the experience of flying they develop a whole host of skills and enrich the mind, body and soul.

Health Benefits

The zip wire experience helps to keep the heart healthy and reduces blood pressure. The sheer effort of replacing the carrier to the starting point involves physical effort which exercises the heart. Inhaling fresh air and expelling it from the lungs strengthens them and keeps them clear. All of the muscles in the body get a thorough workout which improves posture and strengthens the torso.

Social Benefits

Aerial runways are more fun with friends because sharing an experience makes it a thousand times more fun. Children learn how to share, take turns, encourage each other and celebrate achievements. Strangers become friends and children from different countries share the experience crossing language barriers with ease.

Health And Wellbeing

The mere act of whizzing down an aerial runway is exciting and the release of endorphins heightens the experience. There is a great sense of achievement reaching the end of a zip wire especially if you were nervous, to begin with. Children and adults face their fears and feel jubilant at the end. You rarely see unhappy people on aerial runways because it is such an uplifting experience.

Stress Relief

There is nothing like a zip wire to enable the release of pent-up emotions. Being able to scream while whizzing down the line releases tension and lowers stress levels. Aerial runways reduce cortisol the stress-causing hormone responsible for making people feel lousy and giving them pot bellies. They are the best forms of stress relief around.

Weight Loss

Children do not stay still while playing on aerial runways they are either riding it, walking with it to put it into position or helping others enjoy the fun. Keeping the body active like this helps to combat obesity and maintain a healthy weight. Aerial runways are so much fun children don’t need any encouragement to exercise. (Source: Flying Fox)

Playground Zip Wires

Aerial runways in playgrounds are just as exciting for children as the huge ones are for adults. They are simple to use, extremely safe and involve the same principle as the bigger versions. Playground zip wires stretch across the play area with a beginning and ending point. The start is higher than the end and children sit on a button seat attached to the wire with pulleys. They are not very far from the ground which either consists of grass or surfacing so they are completely safe.

Children are likely to embrace the prospect of attempting larger zip wires because they already have experience of facing their fears.

If you would like to find out more about aerial runways contact us and we would be happy to offer advice.

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