Why Inclusive Playground Design Is Fun For Everyone

Inclusive playground design is increasingly becoming standard practice in all new playgrounds. Since the Equality Act was passed in 2010, accessibility for all has greatly improved in; offices, shops, city centres and playgrounds. Just because a child has limited mobility or sensory processing issues they should not be denied the joy and benefits a playground can offer. Inclusive playground design also enables the whole family to be part of their local community because they can participate in the same activities as everyone else.

Equality Act 2010

The equality act is not just restricted to inclusive playground design, it is integrated to every aspect of our lives. The act is in place to prevent anyone, regardless of; age, gender, sexual orientation or ability, from being discriminated against. In terms of disability and accessibility we can see structural changes to schools, shops and street design that allow people with limited mobility and wheelchair users access to facilities. Changes companies and businesses have made to their premises really do make a major difference to the lives of disabled people as they can now work and be part of the society in which they belong. There is a long way to go before equality can truly be achieved but at least some positive changes are being made.

Inclusive Playground Design

Inclusive playground design is relatively easy to incorporate into an existing playground as the equipment is adapted to allow children with limited ability to access it. Inclusive playground equipment can be enjoyed by all children without compromising tight budgets. All of Playdale’s playground equipment has inclusive elements, while a number of pieces of equipment have stronger inclusive elements, these are are labelled with the, ‘Inclusive Design’, symbol in each section of the website.

Inclusive Playground Design In Schools

Schools can benefit from our inclusive playground design, as many of our Play Panels have been specially developed to support children who are partially sighted or require sensory stimulation. All play panels are interactive and can be fitted into quiet corners of the school playground. All children can enjoy playing; noughts and crosses, look in wavy mirrors, make music, see the world through a bubble, draw on a chalkboard, play pinball, find their way through a maze and many other wonderful activities. Teachers can incorporate the play panels into group time activities for children who have special educational needs.

Inclusive Playgrounds

Inclusive playground design allows children in wheelchairs to spin on a roundabout with their friends, swing in a swing comfortably and if they are able to crawl to scramble on some of our climbing frames. The Inclusive Orbit is a roundabout that allows wheelchair users to enjoy spinning around with their able bodied friends. The Team Swing is an all time playground favourite as it allows friends of all abilities to swing together and have lots of fun. Some of our slides are wide enough to allow child and carer to whizz down together.

Making your playground accessible to all is extremely easy with inclusive playground design. If you would like to find out more about inclusive playground design or would like advice please click here to contact us and we would be very happy to help.

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