New Adventure Trail Delights Children

Widehorizons Townsend Centre in Swanage, Dorset, has added a new Playdale play area to their already impressive centre, and children are excited to make full use of it!

Pupils from South Rise Primary School were over the moon to attend the opening and have their picture taken with the new equipment.

The play area features range of Adventure Trail equipment, designed to keep children active and aid different areas of physical development, including: Climbing walls, Shuffle bars,Rope Weaver, Rope Walk, and Chin Up Bars.

There are a number of Widehorizons Centres throughout the UK that provide outdoor education activities to children of all age groups. They give children the opportunity to visit the countryside to experience adventure learning, many of which have never been to the countryside. They also offer a number of training courses for teachers and youth leaders, inspiring them to use the outdoors creatively for teaching purposes.

Scott Johnson, Deputy Head of the Centre, was delighted with the play area and the service that we provided, saying: “From start to finish we have been pleased how our project has unfolded. The final Adventure Trail is a new addition to our Centre which has pride of place. Thank you to all at Playdale who have made this project a success.”

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