API Membership Setting The Standards For Playground Equipment Installers

Tuesday, 15th November 2016 4:11 pm

Playground Equipment Installers have the pleasure of being the final stage in the purchase of playground equipment. Once they have completed their work a new magical area will exist that will bring immense joy and play opportunities for many children. It is therefore vitally important that playground equipment installers follow strict guidelines to ensure that the playground is safe and can withstand many years of use. Playground Equipment Companies set their own high standards but only become universally recognised if they have been approved by agencies that set comprehensive guidelines.

Association Of Play Industries (API)

API or the Association Of Play Industries, ‘promotes best practice and high quality play provision within the play industry’. Its members are comprised of the leading providers of playgrounds and other play facilities that are installed in; schools, parks and holiday parks. In order to become accredited, members have to follow the API code of conduct, which requires extremely high installation standards and high quality playground equipment. Each member is regularly monitored and credit checked to determine financial stability. Members are committed to providing challenging play equipment and adhering to high safety standards.

API Aims And Objectives

As well as a code of conduct API has specific set of aims and objectives that each member should adhere to in order to maintain their membership. These include:-
Promotion of good play space design, installation and workmanship.
Promote an understanding of play and risk.
Continue the development of British, European menu as well as other international standards.
Liaise with national and international governing bodies of play.
Ensure that all members comply with the code of conduct.
Enable the play industry to have a united voice.
Benefits Of API Approved Playground Equipment Installers

By choosing playground equipment installers who are API accredited you can enjoy the excitement of designing your playground without having to worry about poor workmanship, unsafe playground equipment and a company that may go into administration. Only companies that are current members of API are allowed to display the official logo on their website and any correspondence as it is a sign of quality and safety. Official playground equipment installers are listed on the API website.

Playdale Are Founding API Members

API was founded in 1984 by dedicated playground equipment installers including Playdale Playgrounds. John Croasdale, the chairman of Playdale Playgrounds, has been elected chairman of the API board for the second year running. Playdale was involved in the launch of the API, ‘Nowhere2play’, campaign which involved questionnaires asking parents and families what they think about public play provision for children. The campaign was launched as a result of the UK being the only country that doesn’t have a national play strategy compared to the other members of The United Nations.

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