A new playground at the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital is just what the doctor ordered!

Client: Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Location: Norwich, Norfolk

We were contacted by Louise Cook, Trust Fundraising Manager of the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital’s Jenny Lind’s Children’s Hospital, as they were looking to refurbish their existing courtyard play area at the hospital. Our Area Manager for East Anglia, Will Desborough met with Louise on site to discuss the project further and carry out a site survey.

The aim of the project was to create and provide a safe but exciting environment for children to play in that would enhance time spent in the hospital, whether as a patient or visitor. The site would cater for all ages and offer children the opportunity to interact with others, increase  their confidence and be active & healthy.

Norfolk and Norwich Hospital (Before) within news story (2)

                            The previous playground at the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital

Using Will’s information and ideas, Playdale’s Design Team produced a suggested play area scheme which included detailed quotations, scaled plans and a 3D picture sheet that really brought the proposed ideas to life! This information also proved extremely useful to the hospital team when applying to funding bodies in the hope of securing the necessary funds needed to carry out the project. This information can really back up a funding application and increase your chances of success.

3d resized 13622rev3[1]

                                                                Proposed 3D playground design

Will returned to the hospital to present the scheme to Louise along with Rachael & Emma; the Matron and the Head of the Children’s department. They loved our designs but had some new ideas and suggestions, so we revised the scheme accordingly and Will returned to the hospital to present the new ideas.

The fundraising challenge was going well and in the end, thanks to Louise and the team’s huge efforts the hospital was awarded the necessary funding to give a green light to the play area project. So it was then all systems go, and work began!

Under construction (Week 1) for within news story (2)

                                                                        Under construction

It wasn’t long before the installation was complete and the whole area transformed. Soon after, staff, patients and friends of the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital gathered together on a July evening to celebrate the grand opening of their exciting new play area. It was officially opened by TV presenter and journalist Jake Humphrey who brought his family along to enjoy this special event with him (& have a go on the new play equipment of course!)

Jake with ribbon & scissors and daughter for within website (7)

                                                                           The grand opening

Cutting the ribbon for within news story

                                             Jake Humphrey and daughter cutting the ribbon

The superb new play area includes the following products which can be seen in the images; Playhouse,  Spinner,  Gravity Bowl Little Hamlet Giggleswick Plus, Jukebox New Wave Plus Play Panels and an Outdoor Timber Shelter. The bright colourful  safety surfacing really adds the finishing touch to the play area and more importantly makes it a (more or less!) all weather play area.

Following the installation, the reaction and feedback was superb. Emma Dolman, Matron for Children’s Services told Will, “This playground will create a fun area for children and their families visiting the hospital. We wanted the playground to have a positive social impact on the community by creating opportunities for play and fun.”

If you would like to arrange a free, no obligation consultancy meeting and site survey with your local Area Manager, click here. We look forward to hearing from you.

will and jake for website news story

                                           Jake with our Area Manager Will Desborough

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