Creating Playscapes

Friday, 26th September 2014 2:29 pm

A playscape can be described as an area that falls somewhere between a natural environment and a playground – in essence, a playful landscape. The way they differ slightly from more traditional playgrounds is that a large amount of the natural environment is incorporated into their design and theming.

Nature focused playscapes are becoming more popular. With their interesting landscape features and enticing structures they can offer a varied play experience for children. They can also teach the little ones to appreciate nature and explore things they may not usually get the chance to. There can be caves to crawl in, mounds to run over and smooth boulders to climb on, all of which expand their opportunities for unstructured play.

With our large selection of equipment, Playdale Playgrounds can create almost any kind of playground imaginable. Our natural play range includes everything you would need to create a play area that blends in perfectly with its environment.

Our bridges, tunnels and play mounds provide an excellent opportunity for exploration whilst still maintaining a natural look. Crawling through the tunnel or climbing to the top of the mound really increases that sense of adventure and brings playtime to life. Many of these elements are also low to the ground making them very safe and suitable for a wide age range.

Plants and trees are of course a key part of any natural environment, alongside natural boundaries and walkways all combining to produce a strong sensory experience. This is also helpful to make children feel like they are exploring freely and takes away any kind of ‘boxed in’ feeling. It also creates a nice, relaxed open space where children feel safe and encouraged to have self directed play.


Here are just a few things to bear in mind if you are considering creating a playscape:

-A mixture of both natural and man made materials can compliment each other well, adding interesting textures.

-Choose equipment that caters for all different types of play to really make the most of the space.

-Plants, trees and logs can help to soften a playground, giving children new things to touch and feel and also inviting some wildlife into the area!

-Remember that including mounds and tunnels allows for more role playing games and imagination to take over!

-Creating different sections gives a wonderful opportunity for a nature trail or journey to be made!



If you would like more information about creating a natural play area, please get in touch at or on 015395 39837