Creative Adventure Trail Options

Adventure Trail is essentially a series of obstacles that present physical challenges that require strength, balance and determination to complete. Adventure Trail equipment tends to include stepping logs, bridges, monkey bars, climbing walls, poles and ropes, in a variety of combinations. Children can either attempt the adventure trail independently or work together to help each other to complete the course.

For adults, the greatest part of a playground is seeing how children can bring them to life. Playgrounds provide many different types of play experiences including; social, emotional, physical, imaginative and creative play. If you observe children playing on Adventure Trails you will notice that there are many different types of interaction taking place. You will have the children who can complete the course with very little effort who become heroes to other children watching. Or you can have two friends who find the trail just a little bit too challenging, helping each other get across without touching the floor in a way that they can manage.

Balance & coordination

Balance and coordination are two fundamental skills which children learn from an early age. Together these two core skills help to prevent injury, maintain appropriate body gestures and encourage good posture. Balance is not just about being able to stand on one leg with your arms out, it is also about spatial awareness and understanding how their location to objects changes as they move. Unstable play equipment can be a great balance challenge. Log Walks, Wobble Boards, and Striding Stilts are pieces of Adventure Trail that are designed to reduce stability, and improve coordination and balance abilities.

Climbing & crawling

Climbing walls were initially used by climbers who wanted to practice and improve their skills.  These days climbing walls are used by anyone who is interested in challenging themselves and have become a popular recreational activity. Playdale’s climbing walls differ from the traditional as they involve traversing across the panels as opposed to climbing up the wall. The number of panels varies from two to four enabling even the smallest playgrounds to have a climbing wall installed.

Climbing equipment is suitable for a wide age range of children and can involve the use of tunnels, nets and climbing structures which require imagination and ingenuity. A surprising amount of effort and dexterity is required to hold on to the small holes and ropes while balancing on small foot holds.

There are also interactive accessories available to enhance your Adventure Trail. No matter what size your trail is, you can inject extra fun and encourage competitive spirit with the Interactive Panel & Trail Timer.

Choosing an Adventure Trail for your playground can be an exciting experience. There are so many pieces of equipment that can be put together in different creative combinations. Playdale Adventure Trails are available in steel or timber and are designed to create maximum play value, challenge children and test a number of their developing skills. If you only have a small amount of space or set budget to fill in your playground you can purchase individual pieces rather than a whole trail.

View the full range of Playdale Adventure Trails or If you would like to find out more about our Adventure Trails please request a catalogue.

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