Helping Toddlers to Spread their Wings With Toddler Playground Equipment

A toddler’s world is one of great exploration and learning, everything they do is an adventure and a challenge, whether it is working out how to use a simple piece of play equipment or putting a spoon into their mouths. Toddlers are renowned for their stubbornness and frustration and like to be independent, but simply lack the skills and understanding to achieve their goal. Many people call the toddler stage the ‘Terrible Twos’ and accept that the often difficult behaviour is just a natural part of growing up. Toddlers like to be independent as long there is an adult within sight.

During the toddler stage children make great leaps in their development in all areas of their life.  For a start, they can now walk or toddle, giving them an amazing amount of freedom. They can point at objects and they start to communicate using words. A toddler will enjoy being with people but will not be able to share his toys very easily. By the time a child has completed the toddler stage he will have gained hundreds of new skills.

Independence can be encouraged by providing playground equipment that is accessible for small children to explore and find out how their bodies work. Toddler playground equipment aims to develop gross motor skills by incorporating crawling, climbing and sliding activities, along with activities that develop fine motor skills, such as activity panels which require hand turning motions. If toddler playground equipment is present in a public place, toddlers can climb until their heart’s content without an interfering carer trying to spoil their fun.

Toddler playground equipment often encourages role play games because they can be shaped like; trains, ships, tents, or houses, providing inspiration for the type of play that may take place.  Parents can help children develop their imagination by setting the scene and inspiring them to play pretend games. As children get older they will enjoy the play value of this type of equipment and it is not unusual for older children to pretend that they are pirates on the high seas. This type of play is essential for developing speaking and listening skills as well as preparing children to read.

We have a wide selection of toddler playground equipment ranging from; Little Hamlets Plus, Little City, Little Explorers, Springers, Role Play and Caterpillar. All of our toddler equipment is designed to challenge children physically and inspire imaginative play. Activities that these beautifully crafted pieces of playground equipment encourage include; climbing, sliding, balancing, rocking, rolling, crawling, spinning and role play. Each range is available in a variety of sizes that will suit your budget and available space.

If you are a nursery, preschool or playground committee and you want to purchase playground equipment that will help your toddlers spread their wings, please contact us for more information and we would be happy to discuss your options.

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