Pre-1900’s – The origins of the Croasdale family business’

Late 1880’s – James Croasdale farmed at Woodcroft Farm in Haverthwaite village. The new factory and offices were built in a field that was called Pennycroft, which was a part of Woodcroft farm over 100 years ago.


Nine Generations of Croasdales

Henry 1695 – 1770 Cooper
James 1726 – 1721 Cooper
Henry 1752 – 1807 Hooper
Isaac 1794 – 1844 Hooper
James 1829 – 1906 Woodmonger & Farmer
George 1866 – 1947 Woodmonger
George 1874 – 1971 Timber Merchant
John (Jack) 1929 – 1998 Timber Merchant
John Playground Manufacturer
Gill Playground Manufacturer


1834 – Isaac Croasdale built many of the old work buildings at Bridge End in the Leven Valley. He sold provisions and had a licence to sell wines, spirits and tobacco, and he owned a boat for transporting cotton. His old swivel chair from his boat is still kept at Playdale’s offices.


1735 – The Croasdale family began working in the forestry and allied timber trades when Henry Croasdale re-shafted a spade and re-runged a ladder for Finsthwaite Parochial Church Council.



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