Installing Playdale Synthetic Grass

Tuesday, 3rd March 2015 1:17 pm

Playdale Synthetic Grass is a superb alternative to the real thing that gives you an advanced technical performance that looks, feels and plays like real grass.

This playground was recently installed at Lindale C E Primary School and needed some Playdale Synthetic Grass underneath a Jukebox Plus climbing frame.

Take a look at the photographs below that shows how we install synthetic grass to create an attractive and safe playground that children will love.

Sand provides the base layer for the surfacing and is rolled out to compact the area.

Synthetic Grass Installation 1

The sand needs to be packed into the timber edging.

Synthetic Grass Installation 2

The synthetic grass needs to be cut to size making sure all of the edges are perfect.

Synthetic Grass Installation 3

The membrane sheet will provide the second layer, cutting around any steel fixings.

Synthetic Grass Installation 4

Once the membrane is cut to size the synthetic grass it’s laid over the top.

Synthetic Grass Installation 5

Just like the membrane, the synthetic grass needs to be cut around the fixings.

Synthetic Grass Installation 6

The surfacing needs to be pushed out to create a tight, flat surface all over.

Synthetic Grass Installation 7

Trim the edges, push into the timber edging and add the play equipment. Done!

Synthetic Grass Installation 8

For more information take a look at our different Surfacing options.