Lite Play Towers – Something for Every Budget

Our Playdale Lite Play Tower ranges brings the incredible variety, quality and repeat play value of our  junior and toddler play towers range at an even more affordable price. 

Based on our best-selling Little Hamlets, Jukebox and Big City Plus ranges, our Lite play towers takes the essential elements of play back to basics, making them accessible to even more children and playground projects. Focusing on the core designs, the range is designed to have exactly the same fantastic features as our flagship ranges, giving you a centrepiece for your playground. With lots of opportunities to explore and experiment, these pieces will be an exciting addition to any playground.

Playground Favourites

With a fantastic mix of recognisable playground staples and innovative new features, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With slides,  nets, climbing walls and many other favourites all present and correct, the towers stitch together a variety of different types of classic equipment. Whether your children enjoy energetic physical activity or are thoughtful explorers, there is plenty here to keep them coming back for more.

High Build Quality

Lite doesn’t mean lightly built! We only use high quality materials that will last, and ensure that the equipment stands up to its intended use. We don’t compromise on build quality anywhere, and durability runs through the whole range. All the equipment is safe, strong and durable, conforming to European Playground Safety Standard EN 1176 .

Imaginative and Fun

Children will love the appearance of the towers, and have hours of fun exploring the possibilities of the different elements. The modular design gathers several elements together in one place, giving endless combinations to experiment with and making the most of the towers’ footprint. Each element is afforded its own space, and yet each one runs seamlessly into the next, for a hugely satisfying experience with no compromise.

Ever Expanding 

Installing in phases is a common and popular scenario, especially if you’re applying for funding and grants. The innovations in modular climbing frames have allowed communities to prioritise and not compromise on play features due to space and budget restrictions. Without breaking the bank, our Lite ranges give you a centrepiece for your playground that can be expanded during the many years to come. 

No Compromise on Play Value

The most important feature of a playground should always be that it is fun. Our Lite ranges were designed with this first and foremost, and each piece in the range represents a great way to inspire children and to maintain their interest. 

Building a playground represents a serious investment for most people. By focusing on the essentials and only a few core designs, our Lite ranges can make the whole project that bit more accessible, and help to bring more playgrounds into reality. Find out more about our fantastic Lite ranges below. 



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The climbing wall and twisted climbing net provide some fantastic ways to ascend the Innsbruck Plus tower unit, along with the playground favourite slide feature, children will adore its fast paced action.

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