Making The Most Of Playground Equipment

Local playground equipment can be a fantastic resource for all parents and carers during the school holidays. Occupying children who usually follow a strict timetable and full curriculum is not easy and requires some thought and organisation.

The school holidays are the perfect opportunity to encourage children to entertain themselves without the aid of an electrical device. Local playgrounds are easily accessible and allow children to play together in safety. Walking to the playground and expelling energy on playground equipment makes children settle easier and curbs the inevitable boredom the holidays bring.

Modern playgrounds have modern equipment that inspires the imagination as well as improving physical health. There are playgrounds in many different settings including; national parks, local parks, in villages and in the next street. Each playground is bespoke to the setting it is in and there is different playground equipment in each one. This allows children to have different play experiences in the playgrounds they visit.

The Benefits Of Play Areas

Playground equipment is free to play on so parents with budget restrictions are able to take their children on days out without spending a penny. Children enjoy playing with other children more than playing computer games or watching television so they are totally occupied. Parents are able to talk to other adults without going stir crazy at home and children are getting lots of exercise without knowing it.

Playgrounds provide all of the ingredients to help children develop socially, imaginatively, emotionally, cognitively and physically. They are safe areas where children play freely without the worry of traffic and hurting themselves. Children leave playgrounds feeling satisfied and happy because they have immersed themselves in their own imagination and relieve themselves of excess energy.

Young children learn how to use the equipment and how to interact with other children. Parents are able to let their children take risks because the equipment is designed specifically for this purpose. Children of all abilities, ages and special needs play together because the equipment is inclusive.

Types Of Playground Equipment

Major developments in playground equipment design and safety measures are making playgrounds extremely exciting places to visit. Traditional playground equipment such as; swings, roundabouts and slides are still favourites and always being used. Play towers, trim trails, aerial runways and role play equipment are exciting new additions to play areas.

As our understanding of the benefits of play improves so does the play value of playground equipment. Playgrounds are no longer stark pieces of land with only traditional equipment, they are bright with landscaping which provokes the imagination. Inclusive playground equipment like the Team swing and Inclusive Orbit allow children with restricted mobility to share the joy of playing with their friends.

Playground equipment made especially for young children give them the chance to climb, slide, spin, rock and play with other children. Natural climbers are able to clamber up mini play towers and fulfil their desire to explore. It is wonderful to watch young children gain confidence and trust in their body’s abilities.

Picnic In The Park

Make a day of your playground visit and pack up a picnic children truly enjoy the simple things in life and will remember their special days in the park forever. There will be no cries of boredom, asking what to do next or pestering for toys because they will be contented and fully occupied. You will all be healthier and the holidays will be a happy pleasant experience for everyone.

To find out more about playground equipment contact us and we would be delighted to offer advice or request a copy of our latest catalogue.

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