Modular climbing frames for all

Monday, 12th August 2019 3:58 pm

The exciting and innovative design of multi-play towers is part of a new wave of imaginative playground equipment.  Multi-tower play units were originally introduced in the 1950s, since then they have transformed in their design and safety. The introduction of the modular multi-play tower has revolutionised the way we think about play equipment.  The innovations in modular climbing frames have allowed communities to prioritise and not compromise on play features due to space and budget restrictions.

No space restrictions

A modular design allows even the smallest playground with a restricted budget or space to have a play tower installed. Standard configurations of play towers can be adapted to your requirements easily by swapping different modules of the unit allowing you to get creative with the space that you have. The compact yet activity-intense nature of play towers means that a lot of excitement can be packed into a restricted space, keeping children entertained for hours.

Manufactured from timber or steel, modular play towers are suited to a variety of rural or city environments. The units incorporate a wide variety of activities such as slides, climbing frames, cargo nets, climbing walls, rope bridges, poles, swings, spinners and much more within its construction. The simplest configuration is a singular tower, slide with a variety of ways to climb to the top. More complex designs require a larger number of modules which are connected by different types of bridges, nets or tunnels.

Access for all abilities

Modular climbing frames are designed to encourage play for all. From the smaller details such as inclusive net access to providing a fully accessible unit such as our Mexico City Plus. Playdale’s modular play towers make sure nobody misses out on the excitement. They can include a variety of access points, to cater for a wide range of abilities and ensure there are ample exit points when needed.

The overall flow, design and fully inclusive detail throughout some units mean that users can complete and enjoy the full course of the unit from beginning to end, whilst being as independent as possible. This is made possible with new transfer platforms to use the slides and additional handles at every turn.

Choosing a modular multi-play tower unit means there is no need for compromise when it comes to space available vs play value.  Whatever size your budget or playground there is always a play tower that will suit your needs. Request a catalogue and find creative combinations of play towers to suit your own individual requirements.