How Schools Utilise Outdoor Learning Shelters

As schools discover outdoor learning benefits, they increasingly adopt outdoor lessons. And it’s easy to see why – children absolutely thrive when they’re outside, surrounded by the wonders of nature. However, some obstacles can make outdoor learning challenging. From sudden rain showers to unsuitable terrain, it can be tough to find the perfect outdoor setting for every lesson. That’s where outdoor learning shelters come in.

Outdoor shelters offer a safe, durable, and comfortable space for children to learn, play and explore in any weather. They enable schools to create engaging and unique outdoor classrooms, learning spaces, and play areas for students and teachers.

Learning outdoors – an outdoor classroom without walls

Picture this: a classroom without walls, surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors. That’s the magic of outdoor learning shelters!

Teachers can use these innovative structures for all sorts of subjects – from science and language arts to social studies and beyond. Imagine your students gathering together in a cosy, sheltered area to observe and record data about the natural world. Or perhaps they’ll use the shelter as a stage for performing plays, bringing their creativity to life in an immersive outdoor setting.

And the best part? Many outdoor classrooms are designed to be flexible, with movable seating and whiteboards that can be easily adapted to different activities. Whether your students are working together on a group project or reflecting quietly on their own, they’ll have the perfect space to learn, grow, and explore.

A quiet space – allow students to gather their thoughts

Sometimes, even the most adventurous and outgoing students need a quiet space to gather their thoughts. That’s where outdoor learning shelters come in!

In addition to creating exciting outdoor classrooms and play areas, these shelters can also be transformed into quiet, secluded learning spaces for students who need time to be alone. Imagine your students nestled into a sheltered corner of the school grounds, engrossed in a good book or jotting down their thoughts. By providing these quiet learning spaces, schools can help promote concentration and reflection, giving students a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the school day.

It’s just one more way that outdoor learning shelters can enhance the learning experience and help students thrive.

Shelter from the rain – outdoor classrooms can be flexible

When we think of outdoor classrooms, we usually picture children gathered together, eagerly learning and exploring in the sunshine. But did you know that outdoor classrooms can also be used for parents to shelter from the rain at school pick-up time? It’s true – these versatile structures are the perfect solution for those days when the weather just won’t cooperate.

Of course, outdoor classrooms aren’t just for rainy days. They can be used year-round, for a variety of activities and events. Whether it’s a school play, a special assembly, or just a quiet space for reflection, these structures provide a beautiful, natural setting that encourages learning, creativity, and connection.

Don’t miss out on the incredible benefits of outdoor learning shelters in your school! Take the first step towards transforming your learning environment by contacting us today. Get in touch with us now to learn more and start exploring the possibilities of outdoor learning!

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