Outdoor Play….No Matter The Weather!

Outdoor Play….No Matter The Weather!

The British weather can be unpredictable at times, but this doesn’t mean outdoor play is put on hold. Playing outdoors, whatever the weather, is exciting, imaginative and most of all great for physical and mental health. Engaging in any type of exercise strengthens children’s bodies, improves balance, develops gross and fine motor skills, and can improves confidence in children.

There is plenty of scope for outdoor play, providing kids are wrapped up and prepared for the weather. All you need is a pair of warm leggings, coat, and bobble hat! The more colourful, the better to brighten up any gloomy day.

© Blade & Rose. Playdale Playground Brockhole on Windermere, The Lake District Visitor Centre.

A recent study from the Association of Play Industries (API) confirms that playgrounds are the number 1 place to play! Playgrounds, and being outdoors in general, can have a positive impact on the physical and mental health of children. So long as the playground equipment is durable and is well maintained, it’s possible to have fun all year round. It may sometimes be tempting to stay sheltered from the weather (as we all do, sometimes), but if your children have the energy to burn, you can be secure in the knowledge that outdoor play is doing them good.

With all this in mind, the weather need not stop play! If you’re interested in adding some of our durable, weather-resistant play equipment to your playspace, please browse our range and get in touch using the below form and let us help build your perfect all-weather playground.


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