Playdale’s Inclusive Playground Design

At Playdale, we believe that playgrounds are for everyone to enjoy. While outdoor play is generally focused on physical activity, we also know that this can mean different things to different people. We incorporate a variety of equipment in our designs that is suitable for all children, to provide a fantastic playspace for everyone to enjoy. 

Necessarily, different types of equipment are suited to different types of people. We ensure we include the sorts of equipment that will give everyone the equal chance to play, to the best of their abilities.

Educational Play

Our range of Sand and Water Play Equipment brings tactile play to an exciting new level. Children can experiment and get their hands dirty, exploring how their actions mould and change the world around them. Furthermore, it is also a chance to introduce scientific concepts and to encourage children to observe and calculate. Most importantly, the emphasis is on playing and doing, rather than on the theoretical. Children of all abilities will love this imaginative space.

Our educational Play Panels are designed to work alongside the school curriculum, and to integrate playtime with the classroom. Featuring real-world situations and lots of learning opportunities; from telling the time, to solving mind puzzles. Even less physically active kids can get the full use of your playground with these innovative and educational structures.

Our Musical Playground Equipment also provides an innovative way to let children explore their creative side, without necessarily demanding a lot from them physically. Making music accessible in the playground can also be a great leveller, as musical instruments and lessons can be expensive.

Health & Fitness

For many, physical activity can seem like an uphill struggle. If it’s not something you are used to, the implied competitive element can drive people away from physical education and aerobic activity. However, the benefits of it is undeniable, and we consider it hugely important to make health and fitness available to all. Our range of outdoor fitness equipment  is perfect for older children and adults who have the desire but not the equipment, and make an outdoor gym accessible to all. A small change in this department can have huge benefits, and our range can help to make exercise a seamless part of life, and help you find the joy in it.

A diverse range of equipment means you can meet the diverse needs of your users. Ultimately playgrounds and outdoor fitness should be about having fun, whoever you are. 

Find out more about our holistic approach to playground design and examples of what we term ‘inclusive play’ here 

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