How playground surfacing can complement your playground

The purpose of safer playground surfacing is to cushion the impact of a child’s accidental fall and reduce injury. Thanks to innovations in new technology, we are now able to offer playground surfacing which provides a safe platform for our equipment and also look visually attractive. The use of bright and colourful surfacing can enhance and ‘bring to life’ any playground, providing both theming and safety!

The use of surfacing can add imaginative and educational opportunities to any playground. It can tell stories, enhance an existing theme, compliment, contrast and even allows young and old alike to be transported into other realms.

Themed Playground Surfacing

By using a wide range of colours, our creative design team were able to bring Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Parks Caribbean Cove to life. Incorporating ocean and coast animals into a surfacing design lets children’s imagination to run wild! The Caribbean Cove included wet pour mounds such as the octopus tentacles and ‘waves’ that children could follow creating a significant impact on the overall play experience.

The use of logos, small graphics and colours can complement any play area and its surroundings The Roman-themed wet pour at Caersws Recreation Association provided not only a lasting reminder of the rich history of the Roman settlement but also serves as a fun educational tool for visitors. The design included roman numerals, gladiator galeae and a temple along with two olive wreaths all set within the surface which perfectly complimented stainless-steel play equipment.

Educational Elements

Educational surfacing to enhance play areas is becoming a fast-growing trend. The use of shapes, signs and road markings are great for a child’s physical and imaginative development.

This bright school courtyard play area used a mixture of Playdale Bonded Rubber Mulch and Wet Pour to create two separate spaces and providing a colourful, accessible and all-weather surface. The track around the outer edge of the play area teaches children the importance of road safety through play and includes crossings and road signs to reinforce the educational element. The surfacing inside the track creates contrast in texture and provides a safe area where children can be creative with educational play equipment.

You can incorporate many textures and graphics into your play area with the use of playground surfacing. Synthetic grass looks, feels and plays like the real thing with no mowing, watering and maintenance required. It can be installed over mounds and tunnels to create a natural play area. It can also be used alongside other surfaces to create a flowing effect matching the theme of your play area and creating defined areas of play.

Surfacing to compliment your play area

Surfacing doesn’t always have to cover the whole play area to create a lasting impact. It’s the smaller touches that also count when designing a play area, especially if you have a set budget. The use of timber equipment and natural coloured surfacing such as sand, browns, greens can harmoniously blend in with the surrounding scenery to create a pleasing environment.

If you do want to add colour to your playground surfacing but don’t necessarily require graphics of logos Matta Tiles can provide that extra pop of block colour to brighten up your play area!

For further playground equipment and surfacing inspiration, why not contact us and we would be happy to help you create the perfect combination.

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