Playground Tunnels & Physical Development

Monday, 17th October 2016 4:36 pm

Playground tunnels are not only the entrance to amazing worlds they also reinforce the benefits children gain from crawling. Very young children may be reluctant to go through playground tunnels at first because they will be afraid of the unknown. Once they realise that the tunnel doesn’t go on for ever and that they exit in familiar surroundings, the potential for imaginative play is phenomenal. Interestingly, playground tunnels allow children to exercise their bodies in a unique way that particularly benefits children who missed the developmental stage of crawling.

Benefits Of Crawling

The physical benefits of crawling are so important that Tim Anderson, who describes himself as a coach, has developed a four week crawling program to rehabilitate adults. He is quoted as saying, “Crawling, like a baby, can help your body heal and make you stronger and more resilient.” Basically crawling has sensory as well as physical benefits, it practically gets all of your sensory symptoms buzzing and ready for action. Crawling also builds up the foundation of reflex strength, which is the strength you were born with. The motion of moving your hips and shoulders in coordination will ensure that your gait is correct when you walk. Your central nervous system gets reset and stressed is reduced. It is an important part of development and essential that babies and toddlers get the opportunity to crawl. Playground tunnels enable early years and pre school teachers to make sure that all children benefit from crawling even if they didn’t when they were babies.

Crawling And Special Needs

Crawling is one of those skills that we never forget, in fact it is hardwired into us. Children who have physical limitations and need to build up their strength can benefit from crawling. Crawling through playground tunnels can help to improve; physical strength, mobility, concentration, response to stress and moods. If a small group of children participate in the crawling exercises they will also benefit from social interaction and feeling part of a team. Crawling increases stamina and endurance and all of the children can be like Spider Man, who crawls a lot and is a super hero.

Playground Tunnels And Imagination

Children are not like dogs, who are quite happy to run through tunnels for a treat, they need a context for their play. Playground tunnels are so versatile that many different settings can surround the tunnel. Playground tunnels can be found incorporated into; cars, tractors, octopuses and sharks. Children can either spend their playtime imagining that they are driving a supersonic sports car or just crawl through the tunnel over and over again. Crawling through playground tunnels is such great fun that it is likely to be one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the playground. Playground tunnels are chunky and bright and have all of the accessories needed to fuel children’s imagination.

If you are interested in installing playground tunnels in your playground and would like to have more information about the benefits of them, contact us and we would be delighted to offer advice.