Playgrounds are Good for Business

You may think of a playground in its traditional setting; community space, or perhaps at a place of education. However, building a playground doesn’t have to be limited to schools and parks. Even in what you would usually think of as grown-up space, a playground can work wonders. There are loads of environments that can benefit, be they a pub or restaurant, a museum or gallery, or a campsite. It’s a great way to enhance your visitor experience, and have families coming back again and again.

Encourage Families to Visit

A playground on your grounds is a clear marker that families are welcome. If you advertise that your business is family-friendly, you are likely to instantly increase your visitor base. Even if your business is adult-oriented, for example a pub or museum, giving children a place to play can make the space more enjoyable for children and adults. The natural exuberance of a playground can be kept to that designated area, and your main offering can stay true to its original intention. Furthermore, making space for the whole family means more people can visit at the same time, increasing your customer base. 


Encourage Visitors to Spend More Time With You

Giving kids an area to let off steam is a great idea in grown-up spaces. Not only are they not going to get bored, but parents are going to feel more comfortable spending time with you if they know that their kids are entertained and catered to. What could have been a short visit with kids very much in tow, can become a fulfilling experience for all the family. You want your visitors to have a good time, and this element can be a huge part of that.

Encourage Repeat Visits

A good playground can become an attraction in its own right, with kids begging parents to take them again and again. Increasing the value of a repeat visit can obviously be very good for your business, and as word spreads of your additional features, you can expect more families doing the same thing. Everyone needs somewhere to entertain their children, and if you can offer that on top of everything else, it can only be a good thing. People will come to see your space as a mainstay, as somewhere to come for all kinds of reasons.

Use Your Space Effectively

Perhaps you have a larger plot than you know what to do with? Or perhaps you are squeezed into an awkward space where nothing else quite fits? Our playgrounds are almost endlessly adaptable and scalable, so whatever space you have available, we can work with. A huge adventure playground on an open field? A couple of key pieces of equipment in the corner of a beer garden? No problem. Making the most of your footprint means that you can pack in all possible attractions, and in doing so, you give your business a competitive edge.

Theme Your Playground

There is no need to simply install a playground as an afterthought. Theming your playground to your business and what it does can be a great way to tie your site together, and further your brand. Perhaps your site has some nautical heritage, or you want to tie a colour scheme to your branding? You can emphasise features of your choosing, and make your playground an integral part of your commercial offering. Tie the whole thing together and keep your business consistent.

Whatever business you run, a playground can be a great addition. Playdale can be there to advise every step of the way, and to help build a playground that perfectly complements your business. If you’d like to discuss ideas, or have a look at some examples of this working in the real world, please get in touch.


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