Enjoy Using Playgrounds In Winter

Winter is almost upon us. The clocks have already gone back and the weather grows ever colder. When the grass starts to crunch in the morning, and the mercury plummets, it’s tempting to huddle up indoors and wait for the warmer months to reappear. However, there is still scope to use and enjoy playgrounds in winter, and they can be just as fun and rewarding as they are in summer weather.

Stay Active in the Cold

Physical exercise is always good for the body and mind. Research shows that your body burns up to 30% more calories in the cold, meaning that exercise in the winter has even more health benefits. It may sometimes be tempting to stay sheltered from the weather (as we all do sometimes), but if your kids have energy to burn, you can be secure in the knowledge that outdoor play is doing them good. Getting a little wet or a little cold is, unfortunately, par for the course at this time of year, so wrap them up warm! While it may be stating the obvious, those brave souls using the play area will have much more space, as winter playgrounds are likely to be much quieter.

Spend Time Outdoors

If you’re not careful, winter activity can feel like you’re constantly cooped up inside. While it may be cosy, it can also affect your wellbeing and perspective. Kids don’t get to burn all that excess energy and this can affect the way they meet the world. Just as most adults need fresh air and a bit of light exercise to stay sane, so too do children. So long as they feel up to braving the weather, time spent at play in winter can be every bit as rewarding as it is when the sun is shining. Today there are many sorts of entertainment that seem designed to bring us into ourselves, and not interact in the outside world as much. Bucking this trend and going outside into the daylight can make days more enjoyable, and can make the winter seem shorter.

How to Manage Outdoor Play

First and foremost, safety is the thing that needs most consideration. Wet or icy surfaces can be treacherous, and a fall onto the ground can hurt that bit more when conditions aren’t great. We focus on durable materials that stand up to climatic conditions, won’t take any additional damage and remain safe to play on even during winter weather. We also feature some fantastic surfacing solutions, giving children a safe place to play, even if that move they were pulling off goes awry! Of course, sometimes weather really DOES stop play, but with safe and durable equipment, properly built and maintained, this happens a lot less than you might think. All Playdale’s equipment is independently inspected and accredited, and any Playdale playground will be designed, built and maintained to the highest standard.

With all this in mind, winter weather need not stop play! If you’re interested in adding some of our durable, weather-resistant play equipment to your playspace, please browse our range and get in touch using the below form, and let us help build your perfect all-weather playground.



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