School Playground Equipment Fundraising

With the economic climate as it is, head teachers are having to juggle budgets to ensure that they have the optimum number of staff to provide a sound education for their pupils. This results in items such as; school playground equipment, sports equipment and library books having to be funded with other money. Schools have to become savvy fundraisers and find many ways to raise the finances required to update school playground equipment. Here are some ingenious ways that money can be raised.

Speak Nicely To The PTA

Schools have a wonderful resource called parents and some of them dedicate extra time and effort to ensure that the school has funds to purchase all of those extras, that make school a truly wonderful place to be. The PTA generally has a meeting with the headteacher once a year to discuss specific items that they can raise money for. This is a perfect opportunity to request school playground equipment, if you have a very enthusiastic PTA the members will help you to price up equipment and organise a site visit. Being very specific about what the PTA is raising funds for gives the whole school community ownership of the school playground equipment campaign.

Approach Local Businesses

Local businesses really like to raise their profile in the community, if they are seen as supportive and generous they may gain more custom. Advertising is extremely expensive and needs to be updated frequently, so the opportunity to donate towards a school funding campaign is an attractive prospect. If a local business donates money towards your school playground equipment fund, their business will be advertised for many years to come, especially if there is a plaque. Also businesses can benefit tax wise through charity donations, which is also appealing.

Apply For A School Playground Equipment Grant

Schools can apply for grants to fund their school playground equipment project. Finding out which grants exist and completing the forms so that you qualify can be an arduous task. Fortunately the website Funding Grants does all of the hard work for you. The company will help guide you to the best grant opportunities and help you to complete the form using the correct bidding jargon. The service is free and you have absolutely nothing to lose by applying for a grant. An articulate school governor would be the perfect candidate to apply for grants.

Ask Playground Equipment Manufacturers For Advice

At Playdale we pride ourselves on making choosing your school playground equipment as exciting and as easy as possible. Our many years of experience of installing playground equipment for different organisations has made us very good at offering funding advice. We have a Funding Guide and workbook to help you to organise your fundraising. Included in the booklet is a list of National and Regional funders. Our holistic approach to installing school playground equipment means that we will be there from the first consultation, to design, fundraising, installation and maintenance (if you request it).

If you are all fired up and ready to start your school playground equipment funding campaign, contact us here and we would be delighted to offer advice.

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