Steel Play Towers Suit City And Country Playgrounds

Play towers are increasingly popular pieces of playground equipment. They can be made from timber or steel and are suited to a country or city environment. Play towers are modular units that incorporate a wide variety of activities such as; slides, climbing frames, cargo nets, climbing walls, rope bridges, poles, swings, spinners and much more within its construction. The compact yet activity intense nature of play towers means that a lot of excitement can be packed into a restricted space. The modular design allows even the smallest playground with a restricted budget to have a play tower installed.

City Playgrounds

Steel play towers are generally associated with city playgrounds, although they are equally well placed in a country setting. Steel play towers are considered to be more edgy and streetwise, with their curves and angles. Steel is a very versatile material as it can be cast in many different shapes and can be fused together to make a wide range of playground equipment. It is also very strong and can withstand a lot of use. City playgrounds are often near MUGAs so that children can make the most of the play space available.

Country Playgrounds

Country playgrounds are much softer in their appearance and tend have a much more gentle demeanour. They are generally associated with timber play towers simply because the material and colour fits in with the environment. On closer inspection, rural playgrounds look very similar to their urban counterparts, as they are comprised of playground equipment constructed from steel and timber. Playgrounds in the countryside are becoming increasingly more important, as more land is taken up for affordable housing. The only real difference between city and village playgrounds is our perception of them.

Modular Play Towers

Play towers are modular pieces of playground equipment, which means that they are made up of different sections to produce a varied activity base. The simplest configuration is a singular module comprised of a play tower, slide and a variety of ways to climb to top. More complex designs require a larger number of modules which are connected by different types of bridges. When a greater number of modules are used children can enjoy playing on the equipment and using the spaces in between. With such a huge amount of play potential children can play harmoniously without overcrowding each other.

Big City Plus

Playdale’s Big City Plus range is an updated and improved version of the highly successful Big City range. The fact that it has, ‘city’, in its title rightly suggests that it is predominately made of steel. This play tower range is made up exciting modules that benefit from the versatility of steel. Each play tower is named after cities all over the world and every single one lives up to its name. With a choice of one module or many there are no limits to the amount of fun that can be had. Three of the play towers in the Big City Plus range are inclusively designed ensuring that nobody misses out on the excitement.

If you are considering installing a play tower in your playground and would like to learn more about our Big City Plus range, please contact us and we would be happy to advise you.

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