Stian’s Story – How Playdale Made His Dream Come True!

Making smiles isn’t simply a catchphrase at Playdale; as a team, we absolutely enjoy making smiles and a difference to children around the world.

We recently received a letter from five-year-old Stian, from Dubai with a big dream of designing a playground for his neighbourhood. Inspiration struck Stian after a recent trip to New Zealand, where he experienced his first-ever ferry ride. This exciting moment for a young boy inspired him to design a playground in the shape of a ferry and he instantly got drawing.

Stian’s mother Maryke got in touch with Playdale, asking if we could give feedback on Stian’s design and help his playground dreams become a reality.


Our Playground Design Team Leader Matt was so impressed by his design. In no time at all Matt used our Design software to provide Stian with a two-dimensional scale plan of his dream playground.


We soon received back an email from Stian’s mother which was full of absolute delight:

Dear Playdale, 

Oh, my word…so, I made the mistake of showing Stian this just before he went to bed last night….and an hour later, he was still awake!

First, he could not stop looking at the 2D rendering. Then he went to get his original drawing to inspect if all elements were captured (it was…!) Then I had to take pictures of him with it and send it to the family.  Then I had to email it to his teacher to tell his class about it at school today. Then he tried to close his eyes. Few minutes later he says “Mommy, I can’t sleep, I’m too excited.” Then he tried to close his eyes again. Few minutes later he says “Mommy, I was hoping they would like it, I’m so glad they did.” Then he tried to close his eyes again. Few minutes later he says “Mommy, when I grow up I am going to be a play area builder and I will build everything children ask me to build.”

So there you have it. Suffice to say we have a verrrrrry happy, excited and grateful designer.

Please send this email on to thank everyone who spent time on this.

We had emailed a few other vendors previously and got no response and he was so despondent. And then after spotting your equipment in a play area here, we got a response and got the response within a day.

Your efforts have made him so happy and proud. It shows the heart of your organisation, thank you so much.

Kind regards

Maryke (and Stian, of course…!)

PPS – Brace yourselves – I already have very strict and clear instructions to email the design to the property developer of our housing development to request them to build it. You might just be commissioned to bring this to life….(!)


Thank you to Stian’s mother and Stian for the lovely feedback – it was a pleasure to spread some joy





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