Why Is A Storytelling Chair A Portal Into Different Worlds?

A storytelling chair has the same magical qualities as the wardrobe in C.S. Lewis’ book, ‘The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe’. As soon as anyone sits on one they are transported to wonderful and amazing worlds. Children who sit around the chair, with baited breath, become part of the great adventure. Whether the story is from a book or the imagination of the teller everyone will become part of the fantasy. Visiting other worlds doesn’t involve space travel because our brains are already made of stardust. Technology has enabled us to achieve great things but it is still the human imagination that creates the stories behind films, video games and the invention of apps.

Pure Imagination

Roald Dahl was one of the greatest storytellers in the whole world. He transported us into many different worlds from his little garden shed. His characters were amazing whether it was the vile Twits or friendly BFG we can all relate to them. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory not only captured our hearts and minds it also appealed to our love of sweets. Willy Wonka wanted to leave his factory to a child because they still have the gift of imagination. Even adults fantasise about becoming as happy as Charlie did at the end of the story. We have to remember that it was imagination that made Leonardo Da Vinci and Steve Jobs so great. Every film we see is a story that has come alive due to the imagination of the author and director. A storytelling chair gives everyone the opportunity to develop their imagination and maybe nurture someone who will make the world a little bit better.

Benefits Of Storytelling

Humans have been sharing stories since they could first communicate. Myths and legends have been passed through the centuries and are still treasured today. Some tales teach us how to behave, help us to learn from the past or are just pure entertainment. Storytelling gives us insight into possible future outcomes, helps us to organise ideas in our minds and sequence events. Decisions can be made based on us being able to imagine possible outcomes and consequences. Children who are used to telling or retelling stories become articulate and are able to communicate more effectively. Giving class members the opportunity to sit on a storytelling chair and entertain their peers will increase their confidence significantly.

Playdale Storytelling Chair

A storytelling chair provides the perfect centrepiece for sharing ideas and stories. The timber chair looks like it has come straight from a fairy tale. It has armrests and the back is arch-shaped with wings at the side. There is an inscription which says, ‘storytime’, and a picture of a storyteller. You can also purchase toadstool seating for listeners to sit on and frame your storytelling area. If you plan to have visiting authors, the storytelling chair is the perfect accessory for them to sit on. Presenting stories in this way brings children’s imaginations alive and gives them the tools to become storytellers themselves.

If you would like to transport your children to different worlds using a storytelling chair, contact us and we would be delighted to discuss your options.

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