The Benefits of Playground Climbing Frames

Playground climbing frames are an important piece of equipment for any public park or school playground. Although their appearance has changed over time, the benefits they provide have remained consistent and extend far beyond just physical exercise; they’re also a great way for children to socialise have fun and burn off some of their seemingly limitless energy.

Climbing Doesn’t Feel Like Exercise

Climbing frames are an excellent method to encourage children’s physical activity and exercise without them even knowing. Children should aim for an average of 60 minutes of exercise per day to develop movement skills, muscles, and bones, which a trip to the playground or break time in the school playground can readily provide. Playground climbing frames allow children to follow their natural instincts to scramble, crawl and climb which aids in the development of their muscles, motor skills, and coordination whilst still being lots of fun.

As well as being a wonderful form of exercise, climbing frames also build up body strength, improve balance and help to develop special awareness. Children who climb become more agile and more confident on their feet. Gross motor skills involved in climbing also improve fine motor skills, which are required when drawing and writing. Working out how to get from one part of the climbing frame to another develops cognitive skills and introduces children to problem solving. Climbing helps children to face their fears and feel a sense of achievement when they finally reach their goal.


In addition to physical activity, playground climbing frames can also help children develop their problem-solving skills and evaluation of risk. To successfully traverse this type of playground equipment, children must come up with creative solutions to overcome any obstacles they face. This encourages children to think critically and creatively, both of which are important skills that can be applied in a variety of situations.

Social Play

Playground climbing frames are also great for promoting socialisation and cooperative play. Children can work together to navigate the playground equipment, or they can simply hang out and socialise with their friends. Working together and learning from one another while playing allows children to develop essential social skills such as communication, cooperation, and teamwork.

Overall, climbing frames are a wonderful way for children to get some exercise, practise problem-solving skills, and develop important social skills. Because of these advantages, they have been a staple of the playground for many generations and are a must-have piece of for all types of playgrounds.

Imaginative play

Imagination is a wonderful gift we all have but sadly becomes less magical as we get older. Children, however, are privy to an amazing world where anything is possible and they can be whoever they want to be. Climbing frames become mountains that have to be scaled to save princesses from dragons. Netting become vines in the Amazon jungle and the top of the climbing frame becomes the safe house at the top. Children will play out endless scenarios and take on many different roles as the climbing frame changes into many different objects.

Watching children play imaginary games is fascinating and entertaining – especially when they have to resolve conflicts and learn how to compromise.

Different types of playground climbing frame

Playground climbing frames can be designed with many different activities in mind.  Initially the antics of monkeys seemed to be the inspiration behind many designs so children were encouraged to use the monkey bars and swing a lot.  As more has been learnt about the importance of play, playground climbing frames have become works of art.  Beautifully crafted climbing frames incorporate climbing walls, slides, netting and obstacle courses.  Super safe playground surfacing allows children to take risk without the fear of hurting themselves too much when they fall.  They can be crafted out of wood, stainless steel or a combination of both.

Adventure frames

Adventure frames are made from a series of modules including; Swinging Steps, Burma Bridge, Chain Walk and Balance Beam.  Children are able to practise climbing at low levels, develop balance and coordination skills.  It takes quite a lot of dexterity for children to complete the course so they will feel extremely proud of themselves when they have finished it.  This type of  climbing frame is popular in both schools and community playgrounds.


The Playframe is similar to the Adventure Frame in that it has different types of activities to climb on.  However the Playframe is more like conventional climbing frames because it allows children to climb up high by using either a ladder, wooden bars or climbing net.  Children can then stretch their bodies and challenge themselves to see how high they can climb.

Climbers & scramblers

Our vast range of climbing frames allow children to climb or scramble their way around the playground.  Whether you choose to challenge yourself on the Twister, which is a climbing frame that is slightly twisted, or on the Diamond which is a symmetrical rope climbing frame which allows you to test your wits at either a high or low level.

Playdale climbing frames are available in a variety of exciting designs, enabling you to select the best combination for your playground setting. From simple Swing Bars to the exciting Jungle Climbers and our fantastic Frontiers range – request a copy of our latest catalogue below to learn about our complete range of climbing frames and much more!

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