The Magic of a Storytelling Chair

In the days of ancient times when the length of our days were governed by the sun and we used open fires for warmth, communities would gather round and the elders would share stories that had been passed down through generations. Everyone would be mesmerised by the explanations given for natural events like the sun rising, how different animals came to be and memories of brave ancestors. Stories would be passed down like heirlooms generation to generation changing slightly with each telling.

Children And Storytelling

Even in this technically advanced world children will still abandon their computers and relish the opportunity to listen to and participate in a storytelling session. Story time is a wonderful opportunity for children to focus their imagination, develop concentration skills, ask questions relating to the characters and develop their listening skills. Storytelling can take place almost anywhere but creating a special area outside can make the experience even more magical. A Storytelling Chair is the perfect focal point for sharing stories in a school or visitor centre environment.

Storytelling Chairs

A Playdale Storytelling Chair looks like a throne from a fairy tale and can accommodate storytellers from the age of five upwards. When you sit on the storytelling chair a magic spell is cast and suddenly you and all of the children or adults around you are transported to an amazing world where anything can happen. Children will learn how to tell stories using expression and a descriptive vocabulary simply by listening to an adult telling stories. When the story time is over and children have time to reflect you will be delighted by the number of children who sit on the chair and tell stories to their friends.

Toadstool Seats

If you really want to make storytelling a major focal point you can make your storytelling area even more special by placing Playdale Toadstool Seats around the storytelling chair. These toadstool themed seats will really make it a special experience for the audience as they will feel part of the magic. When you create a distinctive storytelling area you can hide little props amongst the toadstools for children to find while you are telling the story.

Inviting Storytellers To School

Once a storytelling area has been set up, why not launch it by inviting a local storyteller to share their stories with the children and parents. It would be a wonderful way to promote storytelling and show the children how they can use the area during their playtimes.

Here’s first Laureate for Storytelling, Taffy Thomas MBE sharing his stories with a local school.

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