The Playdale Journey – Part Two

You’ve just had your site surveyed, and now you’re ready to start building your perfect playground. Part Two of The Playdale Journey begins below…

We’ve gone through the planning stage carefully, and we’re now getting into the business end of your build. Having put your dreams into motion, and prepared the site for development, we now are into the tantalising prospect of making it all real. This takes place over a few stages – 

Choose Your Equipment

Make your final choices about what you would like to see, and what you think your children would most like to use. There is of course flexibility here; nothing is built into place yet. However, it gives our designers a chance to accurately imagine and depict your future play area. Which brings us into the fun part…

Bring it to Life

Now begins the exciting part! Once our engineers have measurements, and idea of the site layout and some equipment ideas, the magic begins. Our playground design team will put together a whole suite of plans for you – 2D illustrations, scaled plans, picture sheets and 3D walkthroughs. We’ll give you everything to help you see exactly what your finished playground will look like, and ensure the reality measures up to the dream.

Your area manager will meet you and present you with your plans, and talk you through what’s required, how much it will cost etc. This also gives you the chance to give feedback, make any changes and to adapt your ideas having seen them – with the best will in the world, we know that expectations and actuality sometimes differ! Before you give the go-ahead, we want to make sure that you’re 100% happy with your choices.

Funding Your Playground

For most organisations, building a playground represents an outlay. There are of course cost-effective ways of doing it, but ultimately some corners can’t be cut. Thankfully, there are many sources of external funding available. Indeed, having such detailed ideas and plans can make you much more likely to actually attain the money you’re looking for. We can also build your playground in phases, making the whole thing less daunting and more manageable, not to mention easier to plan for financially. Your area manager can advise you about the different options available, and we have a funding guide here to make the process a little easier to navigate. We believe that every child has a right to play, and thankfully there are many ways to make that a reality. 

The Build!

Playdale will install your chosen equipment on your site with the greatest of expertise. The detailed planning helps us too – everything is mapped and measured, so it should look exactly like you planned it. The benefit of handling all aspects is that you always have someone to turn to. You can trust that all of the equipment is correctly built, installed and thoroughly tested, for absolute peace of mind, and a flawless finish.

Regular Inspection & Maintenance

Your playground is by now (hopefully!) built, but Playdale’s involvement doesn’t stop there. We can perform annual inspections of your playground, ensuring it meets both UK and international standards of both safety and quality. We can advise about maintenance and repairs, and carry them out when necessary. What’s more, we never make any of our equipment obsolete, meaning that there are always spares available. You can rely on Playdale for the lifetime of your playground.

If you’re interested in taking the first steps on your journey to the perfect playground, why not get in touch with Playdale to discuss options? You can get in touch with us with no obligation, and we can talk about what your ideal playground might look like. We have decades of experience in building playgrounds and making smiles, and perhaps yours could be our next?

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