What Is The Best Playground Equipment?

Children all a have favourite piece of playground equipment that they play on every time they visit the playground. The best pieces of playground equipment are robust, safe, challenging and imaginative. Choosing a supplier of high-quality playground equipment involves research taking design, safety features and longevity into consideration.

The Association Of Play Industries (API) is the leading trade UK association for the play sector. Its membership comprises of leading suppliers of outdoor and indoor playground equipment and surfacing for a variety of establishments. Member companies have to fulfil a list of strict guidelines to continue membership. These ensure they supply on the best quality equipment and service to their customers.

Selecting a supplier from the API membership list takes the risk out of planning and installing your new playground equipment. This gives organisations the opportunity to select the equipment the children in your area really want. Asking children what they would like to see in their playground is a good way to choose the best playground equipment for play areas.

The Association Of Play Industries (API)

API was set up in 1984 to initially support outdoor playground equipment and surfacing manufacturers. It now extends to representing indoor play areas, installation and construction. The Association Of Play Industries is one of 13 trade associations which are part of the Federation of Sport and Play Associations (FSPA). It also has members and representatives on a number of professional bodies including; the British Standards Committee and the Children’s Play Policy Forum.

Manufacturers and customers benefit from the Association of Play Industries Charter which sets high standards of design and construction. The charter outlines a number of objectives such as; children all have the right to play, equipment design incorporating an element of risk, promoting the benefits of play and ensuring high levels of safety and quality. API also require information regarding member’s financial status to ensure they are able to honour all orders.

Playdale is one of the founding members of API and has been supporting the campaign, ‘Play Must Stay’, which addresses the tangible shift from outdoor play to indoor screen time. There is a great emphasis on the importance of play on the social, emotional and physical development of children. Choosing to purchase playground equipment from API members is a guarantee your equipment is some of the best in the UK.

Members of API make setting up your playground simple and enjoyable because they have the expertise and knowledge to offer valuable advice. They are able to help with every stage and help you to maintain your new playground.

The Most Popular Playground Equipment

Children vote with their feet and flock to the most popular pieces of playground equipment. Every child has their favourites but some equipment generates more excitement than others. Aerial Runways are always a hit and children rush to be the first one to slide along the wire. Inclusive playground equipment like the Team Swing allows a number of children to soar in the air at the same time. Play Towers combine traditional playground equipment with exciting features like climbing walls and fireman poles.

Children particularly like equipment that challenges them and makes them feel courageous. This is very much in keeping with the guidelines set by the API. Conquering the climbing net or completing the adventure trail increases children’s confidence and improve balance and coordination. Imaginative playground equipment like a pirate ship inspires children to pretend they are on the high seas going on an adventure.

Playground committees, schools and local councils sometimes ask children which equipment they would like to see in their playground. This ensures that playground owners choose the most popular equipment that children enjoy the most.

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