Which Playground Equipment Suits Teenagers?

We always associate playground equipment with young children. Teenagers are at a very important developmental stage and need equipment suitable for them. Young children learn through play and imagination while teenagers are preparing for the adult world. It is vital that teenagers have plenty of opportunities to socialise in order to learn how relationships work.

Young people need to be able to exercise and socialise in an environment that suits their growing minds. It is perfectly natural for teenagers to congregate in groups where they learn pecking order and rejection. Playground equipment that provides them with somewhere to meet without disturbing other people.

Playground equipment for teenagers focuses on social and physical development. Outdoor gym equipment, i.play, teenage shelters, and MUGAs provide the perfect opportunity to develop these skills.

Teenage Shelters

Teenage shelters are usually located in schools, parks and leisure centres. They provide a safe comfortable meeting place for young people. They are available with or without a roof and have seating for youngsters to sit on. Hanging out together allows teenagers to learn the dynamics of relationships. Understanding what constitutes a good friendship helps youngsters to make successful relationship choices in the future. Making friends in real life is very important because virtual friendships are not always based on truth.


Young people are so involved in social media that they often forget to exercise. i.play combines social networking and exercise in one exciting piece of playground equipment. It combines electronics with exercise to encourage young people to exercise more. Teenagers leap about touching sensors according to a vocal instruction. Each i-play unit features NINE games where players will find themselves lunching, bending, twisting, reaching and running! Competitive teens log their time on a website to compare their time with youngsters around the world.


MUGAs are multi-use games areas and are located in schools, parks and near leisure centres. They encourage team games and attract onlookers. Teenagers play football, basketball, tennis and football in MUGAs. Teamwork is important because it teaches youngsters how to work as a team. These skills will benefit them as they grow up and enter the workplace. Exercise improves wellbeing and overall health.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Outdoor gym equipment allows teenagers to go to the gym without paying a monthly fee. This type of playground equipment appeals to adults as well. Teenagers exercise in groups or individually. Training Buddies are a selection of different types of outdoor gym equipment. Each unit provides instructions so it is like having a personal trainer with them all of the time. Teens learn how to plan their own exercise programme and using their phones to track their progress.

Trim Trails

Trim trails are pieces of playground equipment that are suitable for groups to enjoy. Sections are either set out in a group or along a path so exercise is incorporated into a running schedule. This type of playground equipment provides a variety of different exercise opportunities. Teenagers challenge themselves to complete the trim trail as quickly as they can which encourages a competitive spirit.

Teenage Playground Equipment

Teenage playground equipment is suitable for adults and normally found in public places. The main purpose of this equipment is to encourage people of all ages to exercise. Teenagers are still learning how to look after themselves so exercising regularly is a good habit to get into.

If you would like to discuss teenage playground equipment please get in touch, we would be happy to help.

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