Why playground equipment needs to last longer than ever before

Nowhere to play

We have all read the headlines; playgrounds are closing at an alarming rate due to cuts and squeezes in local authority budgets. There is no dedicated funding from central government. One of the saddest sights to see is a cordoned off playground with just holes left in the ground where equipment once stood. This is why your playground equipment needs to last longer than ever.

Playgrounds aren’t just a ‘nice to have’, they are an essential part of every community, every family and every childhood. They can and do play a huge part in tackling childhood obesity and mental health problems. For some children, the local playground is their only means of outdoor play. Once this has gone, they are likely to become even more sedentary and isolated, exacerbating these problems significantly.

This lack of funding, investment and provision mean that playground equipment that stands the test of time and lasts for generations is an absolute must. Longevity is key. Investment in high-quality, certified, long-lasting playground provision now can help reverse this downward trend and associated problems.

Built for generations

At Playdale, we use the best materials and processes to ensure that our playground equipment is strong and durable and will be enjoyed by children for years to come. It’s what we’ve always done and always will.  The high calibre of all our materials and processes means that we can offer reassuring guarantees of up to 20 years on timber and 25 years on stainless steel equipment.

Examples of this can be found in the video below of the Pheasant Walk Play Area in Cheshire that was installed in 2007 and is still looking superb!

This thirty-year-old Playdale multi-play unit at Caerlaverock Castle near Dumfries is still in tip-top condition and very much still enjoyed by visitors.

Setting the standard

ALL Playdale manufactured playground equipment is independently tested and certified as proof of compliance to the European Playground Safety Standard EN1176. You can’t get much safer! These are the sort of details that need careful research and consideration when choosing your playground equipment manufacturer.  Every piece is made to order at our UK-based factory with accurate craftsmanship and care.

Tough timber

All the high-quality, round timber poles on Playdale equipment are produced from extremely slow grown pine from totally sustainable, managed forests. The laminated timber vastly reduces the natural effect of fibre separation which could cause splits in the poles, therefore, giving high strength, highly engineered timber poles. Steel Ground Fixings come as standard on all timber playground equipment purchased and really increase the life of these timber posts, offering an extensive 20-year guarantee.

Lasting legacy

Ensure that your playground equipment manufacturer operates to the highest standards possible. Investing in high-quality playground equipment provides a lasting legacy for children and communities.

Not only does the playground equipment need to be manufactured using the best materials and processes to give it a long life expectancy, but being resistant to vandals, fire, UV rays and chemicals are all hugely important aspects of equipment to consider when choosing your playground equipment manufacturer. It’s a sad realisation that vandals are always going to exist and will always target playground equipment.

Click here to see Playdale’s materials specifications. They don’t come much tougher than ours!

To make sure your outdoor playground equipment lasts as long as possible it is also essential to develop a simple maintenance schedule. “The routine maintenance of playground equipment and surfaces should consist of preventative measures to maintain their level of safety and performance” BS EN 1176 part 7 clause 8.2.6

As one of the leading playground equipment manufacturers, Playdale provides full and details ‘Inspection & Maintenance Checklists’ with each new piece of equipment purchased. These are simple, detailed and easy to follow and if carried out routinely, will preserve and prolong the life of your playground equipment.

Request a catalogue today and see for yourself why we are a leading British playground equipment manufacturer.

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