Why Playground Equipment That Encourages Role Play Is Awesome

Parents of toddlers will soon discover that the world we take for granted is an awesome magical place indeed. Caring for very young children opens our eyes to the wonder of nature and technology around us. Life is simple because anything that cannot be explained is magic and fertile imaginations give little ones super powers. Puddles, stones, sticks, feathers and rainbows all bring joy as does meeting other children in the playground. Playground equipment that encourages role play gives parents the opportunity to spark their child’s imagination while older children can enjoy being; farmers, train drivers and pirates.

Why Role Play Is So Important

As soon as a baby is born their mind and body are programmed to turn them into independent individuals. Milestones such as sitting, smiling, walking and talking are tangible and we can encourage them easily. Once these important skills are achieved it is time for the hidden milestones involving cognitive and social development. Cognitive development involves the processing of information, decision-making, problem-solving and how to coordinate your body. The only way to learn these very important skills is by doing them. Role play provides the perfect opportunity for children to experiment and develop cognitively in a safe environment. Playground equipment designed for role play gives children the chance to act out different scenarios and learn from both positive and negative outcomes. Role play is recognised as an important learning tool in all stages of a child’s life, the University of Massachusetts use role play to prepare teenagers for the world of work.

What Is Imagination?

Psychology Today describes imagination as, allowing,’ us to explore ideas of things that are not in our present environment, or perhaps not even real’. Without imagination, nothing would have been invented and the human race would be extinct. The world needs structure and order to get things done but imagination is the fundamental element that drives us to achieve it. When children are playing on imaginative playground equipment they are making stories in their mind and learning the skills of sequencing, problem solving and communication. Adults have to remove themselves from the real world to immerse themselves in their imagination while children are still active dreamers and can project alternative universes around them. Being able to imagine magical worlds and try out new ideas make children feel happy and powerful.

Playground Equipment for Role Play

Playground equipment designed specifically for role play looks exciting and fun. Children are immediately attracted to playground equipment that looks like different objects. Playdale has a magical range of role play equipment that will drive children’s imaginations wild. The range consists of twenty-four beautifully designed pieces of playground equipment that include the; Play Galleon Plus, Loudspeaker, Main Stage, Crawl Tunnel, Play Tractor, Play Train, Wigwam, Play House and much much more. Our designers obviously enjoyed using their imagination to design these wonderful pieces of playground equipment.

If you would like to add an imaginative element to your playground and would like to learn more about our Role Play playground equipment contact us.

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