Why Do Children Love Playground Roundabouts?

Playground roundabouts are one of the most popular pieces of playground equipment. Children get a thrill from spinning as fast as they can. Apart from the buzz and speed, there are scientific reasons why playground roundabouts are so fantastic. Spinning activates vestibular stimulation which helps the body learn how to balance.

Children are natural risk takers and like to challenge themselves to overcome fearful situations. Playgrounds provide the perfect opportunity to feel fear without facing any real danger. Playground roundabouts are inclusively designed so that all children can enjoy the thrills of spinning.

In the past playground roundabouts were perilous and children would often get hurt. Today they are designed to meet safety regulations and can be enjoyed without the tears.

Vestibular Situation

The benefits of spinning are not just restricted to the enjoyment of speed. Children also benefit from improving their balance. Vestibular stimulation is the neurological process of sending electronic messages to the nerves that maintain balance. The whole process is essential to the development of children’s physical and emotional needs.

As well as honing spacial awareness vestibular stimulation has a calming effect on children. This is why we rock babies to sleep and children with sensory issues are encouraged to spin or swing to settle them. Children on the autistic spectrum can sometimes be seen spinning in the playground as a self-settling measure.

So when children are squealing with delight on a playground roundabout they are not just having fun.

Playground Roundabouts

Playground roundabouts are designed for children of all ages to enjoy. They are designed to be flush with the ground so that they are easily accessible. Children work as a team taking it in turns to spin and be spun. A specially developed rotating mechanism allows speedy rotation without any danger of falling off.

Roundabouts look quite different today than they did in the past. They come in many different sizes and can be used by individuals or groups. Children of all ages and abilities can play together because they are much safer.

Playdale has three playground roundabouts called; The Orbit, Inclusive Orbit and Mini Orbiter.

The Orbit

It is very easy to embark The Orbit as you only have to step onto it. There is a combination of seats and bars to secure you on. Children use their own centre of balance to stop themselves from falling over. Spinning the Orbit is effortless due to the easy to reach bars. Parents of young children can sit them on the floor of the roundabout and spin them gently. There is no danger of scuffed knees because the base of the Orbit is at floor level. The unique rotating system makes sure that it is fast but not furious.

Inclusive Orbit

The Inclusive Orbit has been designed to enable wheelchair access. This means that all children can play happily together regardless of their physical limitations. There is room for four children and a wheelchair on the platform. Very young children in pushchairs can also access the roundabout so everyone can be included in the exhilarating ride.

Mini Orbiter

Small children can enjoy the thrills of the Mini Orbiter. With three handlebars to hold onto and a small rotating platform, even the youngest child can enjoy spinning. It is designed for individual children so that parents can rotate the roundabout at a speed their child feels comfortable with.

If you would like to find out more about playground roundabouts please contact us here.

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