Getting Into A Spin With Playground Roundabouts

Tuesday, 5th January 2016 11:16 am

What is it about spinning on playground roundabouts that children enjoy so much?

According to Gill Connell, author of, ‘Moving To Learn,’ it is that, ‘Spinning on his own is a child’s natural way to ’test‘ his sense of balance’.  Small children instinctively roll, spin, rock and hang upside down because their brains crave vestibular stimulation in order to establish a sense of balance. Toddlers in particular like to spin around until they feel dizzy and often fall down in the process.  Most fairground rides involve spinning in different directions giving passengers a thrill.

The Thrill Of Playground Roundabouts

Playground roundabouts have always been popular with older children because they combine the thrill of spinning with the teamwork necessary to rotate the roundabout as fast as it can go. In the past playground roundabouts had an added danger factor as children risked the skin on their knees to achieve the fastest ride. These days playground roundabouts still offer the same thrill without the risk factor.

Inclusive Playground Equipment

All children are able to enjoy the sensation of spinning on a playground roundabout because they can be designed with easy wheelchair access and safe places to stand.  A good example of these types of playground roundabouts is the Inclusive Orbit, which consists of a ground level circular platform that incorporates space for a wheelchair, standing space and a generous sized seat.  There is no need to worry about tumbling off because your feet are on the same level as the ground throughout your spin.

Spinning In Safety

The Orbit is a playground roundabout similar to the Inclusive Orbit just without the space for a wheelchair.  The innovative design enables children to climb on without fear of hurting themselves and allows them to feel secure once on the circular platform.  Children can sit on the three multi seats and hold onto the handle bars to enjoy the spinning effect created by the unique rotating mechanism.

Learning To Take Turns

Smaller children can enjoy the sensation of spinning without feeling overcrowded with the Mini Orbit.  This miniature playground roundabout works in exactly the same way as its larger counterparts but the child sits on the central platform holding on to the handle bars.  Children will learn how to work together to get the roundabout rotating and take it in turns to spin each other around.

If you are interested in putting the children who visit your playground in a spin please feel free to contact us regarding the best playground roundabouts for your play area.