Outdoor Gym Equipment For Parks

Outdoor gym equipment provides the perfect opportunity for reluctant people to get fit. It is free to use and easily available so there is no excuse not to get thirty minutes of daily exercise. Parks, recreational areas and proms are great locations for outdoor gym equipment because people exercise because it is where they visit frequently.

There are no extortionate joining fees or monthly payments so there is no pressure to exercise every day. Fresh air and sometimes sunshine is in abundance topping up your vitamin D as well as cleansing your lungs. It allows you to combine cardio and muscle building exercises which help you to burn calories quicker.

Outdoor gym equipment is easy to incorporate into your running schedule because it is outside and accessible. Users benefit from the input of personal trainers and follow comprehensive instructions. It is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Outdoor gym equipment is an effective way for councils to encourage people to exercise and help to combat the obesity epidemic.

Benefits Of Outdoor Gym Equipment In Parks

Anything that encourages people to exercise is good as it improves the health of the general population. The looming obesity crisis is very much upon us and councils are looking at different ways to make exercise easier and more fun. There are many other benefits to having outdoor gym equipment in parks and these include.

Improving The Appeal Of The Park

Parks are brilliant wide open spaces providing respite from urban life and allow people to experience the joys of the countryside. Many old traditions such as an animal corner and rowing boats are a thing of the past due regulations and maintenance.so gym equipment is a breath of fresh air.

Installing outdoor gym equipment encourages new people to visit the park which increases the number of visitors. People will be able to exercise in the winter months which is normally a quiet time due to the durability of the equipment. The more people visit local parks increases its chances of remaining open and providing cafes and other attractions.

Encourages Children To Exercise

Children are generally not welcome in traditional gyms because they are pretty intense places and an escape from family life. Outdoor gym equipment is available for all and children who are old enough can have a go. Children who develop a keen interest in exercising are likely to continue as they get older resulting in healthy adults who take care of their bodies.

It Is Free To Use

Outdoor gym equipment is completely free to use so people with a low income are able to enjoy the benefits of specialist equipment without financial penalty. This will help to motivate people who are looking for work to build up their self-esteem and find the job of their dreams. Parents who stay at home to look after children can exercise without breaking into a reduced budget. In fact, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Trim Trail

Playdale’s Trim Trail provides a challenging exercise circuit that offers physical activity for the whole community.

A trim trail can strengthen the upper and lower body and improve coordination. They are a great way to encourage a community to exercise in playgrounds and parks and incorporate elements of a trim trail into their exercise routines.

Our Trim Trail range includes a variety of pieces that be purchased in any combination and arranged to suit your park/play area and budget.

Our Trim Trail range conforms to EN 16630 for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment.

If you would like to find out more about our Trim Trail range please contact us.

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