The Evolution of Playdale Towers

Playground equipment has developed at a lightening pace over the last 35 years.

Back then, who would have thought that there would be electronic play systems, fast-paced aerial runways and dynamic stainless steel equipment in parks all over the world – these are things that children could only imagine in their wildest dreams.

So, as we launch our brand new ‘Plus’ Towers and enter into the next generation of high-rise play, we thought that we would take a trip down memory lane and take a look at how our legendary towers have evolved over time.

1980’s – The original Playdale Towers

Toy Town and Play Town

Toy Town

These towers really set the standard. Traditional, small tower units designed for younger children. They were rustic timber-based constructions that set them apart from anything else that was on the market at the time.

Back then, our designers didn’t have the equipment and design software available to them that we have today, so everything had to be hand-drawn. They look great but it certainly took longer to draw up some plans than it does today!


Sky Town

These larger towers were engineered from quality steel and timber with hand-painted coloured panels to stimulate imagination and encourage social play.

Sky Town

1990’s – The Woodland Towers

These climbing frames were introduced in the early 90’s and they had a really ‘classic’ style. They featured strong square towers, a range of access point such as ladders, rope climb, steel nets, and timber bridges with steel chains. Very popular pieces of equipment!

Woodland Towers

1998 – The arrival of the original Little Hamlets, Jukebox Selection and Mountain Towers.

These timber climbing frames became our landmark tower ranges and have been hugely popular to this day. The units were fully modular and Kitemarked to BS EN1176, making them the safest equipment on the market.

Little Hamlets

We launched the first Little Hamlet in 1995 and it became so popular that we extended the range, creating more exciting play opportunities for younger children. Designed for the energetic toddler to active six year olds, these exciting play systems were embraced by children all over the country.

Little Hamlets

Jukebox Selection

19 standard units gave an unlimited combination of modular play activities. Our designers introduced smooth curves and waves to the range, creating an environment to encourage active and social play.

Jukebox Selection

Mountain Towers

Mountain Towers took play to new heights. These towers provided an excellent focal point in playgrounds, creating high-capacity play like never before.

Mountain Towers


We gave our towers a facelift in 2005, further improving the finishings, the quality and adding fantastic new activities. These ranges have gone on to be instrumental to our business’ success and over the last 10 years has generated over £30million sales.

Little Hamlet


Mountain Tower


2014 – The Next Generation of Playdale Towers

This year we have re-styled, upgraded and remixed our tower ranges to take play to another level. As the range has evolved over time we have tried not to change the history and original structures too much, but rather enhance what we have already mastered.

The new ‘Plus’ ranges features brand new high-quality, custom made components and connectors; new plastic slides; hoops and pole caps

Little Hamlets Plus

This stunning revamp will challenge children like never-before – featuring a host of new activities, new levels for children to climb, and stunning new colour ranges. Robust timber legs, high-quality plastic or stainless steel slides, compact grade laminate panels, and steel core ropes provide tremendous durability. It really is amazing to see how far these units have evolved.

Little Hamlets Plus

Jukebox Plus

Bursting with exciting new features, vibrant colours and even more modules – they are guaranteed to be playground favourites. The fresh new styling really brings these towers to life and will add a very exciting edge to playgrounds.

Jukebox Plus

Mountain Towers Plus

Towers with Altitude! Our Mountain Towers are bigger, better and guaranteed to thrill, providing hours of adrenaline-pumping fun. The basic skeleton of the Mountain Tower has remained, but the additional activities, different types of nets, intriguing play panels, super slides and structural features have taken this range a long way.

Mountain Towers Plus

Take a look at the new Playdale ‘Plus’ ranges or request a copy of our new brochure today!

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